jeremie barlow

Jeremie Barlow

Jeremie is an award winning international wedding photographer and friend. Facts about Jeremie: I am a mommy of 2 naughty boys who are in time out as I write this. I have a gigantic Newfoundland dog named Bella. I am a horrible cook. I feel most at peace when my toes are in sand. I grew up playing in the woods and riding bikes. My dad and my aunt were both a professional photographer. I grew up wanting to be an architect or interior designer. I would wear sweats and flipflops every day of my life if it was ‘appropriate’ but love to go glam.
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Critsey Rowe

Critsey Rowe

About Critsey Rowe Destination Photographer – Critsey Rowe is a national and international wedding photographer shooting weddings in the most vibrant places around the world. Critsey’s style is modern-contemporary with a mix of fashion. Her signature style is refreshing and innovative, offering each client personal boutique style service.
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He was the bag man. She was the trigger woman. Separately, they were a mess. Together they’re mayhem.